• The Maxims

    Take care to use time fruitfully — it is precious and its loss irreparable.

    In order to use time well:

    Day 1 | Live always in the practice of a great charity; that is, with a love that embraces all of creation; a love that lives into the emergence of what God desires – wholeness, integrity, happiness and fulfillment for all creatures. Such a life contents self, others and God.

    Day 2 | See every encounter and event in your day as an opportunity to remember and experience the very great Love that has created you and all others, who keeps you and all others and who loves you and all others.

    Day 3 | Go about your daily life with awareness of everyone and everything around you. Give to each your focused attention,  so that the present moment is more important than your whole future,  but which moment by moment creates a future that is your response to the  Love that creates you.

    Day 4 | In life the most important thing to remember is God’s dynamic energy in you, around you, and for you. This potency within you enables you to live content.

    Day 5 | Unite all your daily actions with the world and its peoples around you, as did Jesus, remembering as  he did God’s desires for creation’s fulfillment. May your life be  effective in generous service so that others may live their lives  fruitfully.

    Day 6 | According to the Gospel, do everything in Jesus; unite yourself with him as a branch to its vine; in fact, he says that he is the vine, we the branches. Do everything with Jesus, united to him as the instrument to its principal cause or as the hand of the child to that of the teacher who guides it.

    Day 7 | Do everything through Christ Jesus, Desire that all you do have its source only in him and that he be the soul of your soul, the life of your life and the spirit which animates your every action. Thus, you will be as he was: reconciler among those around you, healer of wounds and conflict, presence of peace.

    Day 8 | Finally, put on and be completely filled with Christ Jesus, interiorly aware of God’s gifts and desires and exteriorly manifesting the gentleness, simplicity, loving discernment, and faithful compassion of Christ Jesus.

    Day 9 | To complete these maxims on the fruitful use of a life time, so act that with Christ Jesus your whole life will be hidden in the mystery of God’s generous creativity. Do everything in God and with God by the practice of awareness, animated by your remembrance of what God desires. Let this memory put order to your actions. In every moment desire to be filled, led and animated by the Holy Spirit who is truly the soul of our soul since it lives by the Spirit and is, as it were, deified by him.

    Day 10 | Oh, if only you knew how to live in the fullness of the Holy Spirit of Christ Jesus, in God, and in the fullness of the Spirit of God with Christ Jesus! In this manner you will bring every kind of gift God desires to give for the fulfillment of creation.