These machine-washable quilts are created from either a traditional or custom design in a smoke-free, pet-free home by Sisters Betty Suther and Jean Ann Walton.

Both beautiful and versatile, they are hand assembled from home-cut pieces that are machine sewn from all new cotton fabric.

Each quilt is reversible, and designed with a fabric specially chosen to make the back as beautiful as the top. Professionally quilted edge-to-edge in custom or traditional patterns, these heirloom quality quilts are durable and can withstand steady use and laundering on gentle cycle.

Each quilt pattern is enhanced with its own unique quilting motif, sewn in either coordinating or contrasting thread. Tailored specifically to each quilt, the quilting brings out the beauty of both the top and the back. Each quilt has straight edges and square corners.

Separate half-inch binding finishes the four sides of each quilt, with home cut pieces of the same fabric used in the quilt blocks.

Some of the quilts are inscribed with the names of the seamstress and quilter who made them on an attached label on a lower corner block. An inscription can be added at a customer’s request.

All of these quilts are available at Manna House of Prayer, 323 E. 5th St., Concordia, Kansas, 66901. We do ship. Please contact us about the quilt of your choice so we can arrange for safe pick-up or shipping to your destination. And follow our page as additional quilts are added.

“Razzle Dazzle”

“Razzle Dazzle” does just that with it’s brightly printed fabrics paired with white to accentuate the vibrance. This quilt is 62″ x 80″ and was pieced together by Sister Betty Suther. Quilting was done by Lori Bond. The price for this beautiful quilt is $300.

“Modern Charm”

“Modern Charm” is a nice, homey throw that is sure to add a little charm to your space. Pink, rose, and burgundy make a lovely design, balanced with tan and cream. Tiny flowers adorn the front fabric and binding and the back is a solid cream all put together with a quilted flower pattern by Lori Bond. This throw was made by Sister Betty Suther and is priced at $125.00. Measures 42″ x 59″.

“Fallen Oaks” Table Runner

Enhance the beauty of your fall decor with this quilted table runner. Perfect colors of green, gold, brown, orange, and rust were pieced together by Sister Jean Ann Walton. The fabric prints are a perfect depiction of fallen leaves. The quilting was done by Lori Bond and if you look closely, you’ll notice the leaf design. This runner measures 14.5″ x 32″ and is $28.00.

“Fall Colors”

Fall is on the way and this gorgeous throw would make a beautiful accent piece in your home. The blocks and border feature lovely fall leaves on a black background. The rustic fall colors are complimented with warm neutrals. Look closely at the quilting by Lori Bond and you will notice a fall leaf pattern. This throw was made by Sister Jean Ann Walton. 65″ x 47.5″. Priced at $160.00.

“Blueberry Pie”

Sister Jean Ann Walton has pieced together another beautiful throw for your consideration. This 64″ x 56.5″ throw may remind you of grandma’s delicious pies and features dark and light blues that are complimented by a lattice pattern of neutral tan, embellished with various shades of rose and tied together with a floral edge and a solid backing. Quilted by Lori Bond. $185.00.

“Crazy Blue”

Looking for an accent piece? Something striking for a baby quilt? Or something for a Notre Dame or Bethany College fan? “Crazy Blue” is a 48 inch by 40 inch quilt designed and pieced by Jean Ann Walton CSJ and quilted by Lori Bond. There’s nothing square about this 20-patch paisley print quilt with a square within a square. Tones of golden and lemon yellow are intermixed with blues. The top’s border and backing are a matching solid royal blue, quilted in a contrasting yellow . Cost is $120.


“Purple Waves”

This gorgeous throw boasts cool hues of purple and blues, guaranteed to keep you cozy when the weather cools down. Measuring 63″ x 45.5″, this throw is priced at $150. Pieced by Sister Jean Ann Walton and quilted by Lori Bond with the same swirl pattern found in the fabric.


This adorable baby blanket would make a wonderful gift! The bright, cheerful colors, cute Scottish Terrier blocks, and Piano Key Border will stimulate the senses of young and old! The border, edge and back are made with a rich, dark fabric that sports tiny little paw prints. The quilting was done by Lori Bond in a cute paw print pattern. The piece work is by Sister Jean Ann Walton. 51″ x 40″. $120.00

“Nine Patch Quarter”

This colorful quilt will add interest to any home! It is made up of a variety of hues ranging from bold to conservative and the result is a breathtaking creation that will be the focus of the room. It features a deep green border with delicate rose flowers that matches the back side and is finished with a rose colored binding. This quilt is 65″ x 75″ and is $225.00. Made by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Lori Bond.

“Will a Whisp”

Have a look at this beautiful creation! This quilt is called ”Will a Whisp” and is 72″ by 81″ (a double bed size). It features a sawtooth star pattern in pretty pinks and roses with white and black accent blocks with a black binding. Made by Betty Suther and quilted by Lori Bond. The cost is $350. Available to purchase now!


“Cutting Corners”

Different hues of blue from dark to light are paired with white to make this striking quilt called “Cutting Corners.” A whimsical fabric of blue and white on the back is quilted with complimentary dark blue thread. It measures 55″ x 65″. This quilt was made by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Lori Bond. The cost is $275.

Winter Mix

“Winter Mix” is an 58″ x 72″ quilt, created and sewn by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Lori Bond. The Cost is $250. Colors of deep red and black are balanced with neutral tans, beige and cream. The fabric patterns are a fun winter mix of snowflakes, valentine sweethearts and winter berries. The back is trimmed in black fabric with a subtle white and pale gray print. What better way to stay warm in the winter months, than under a beautiful 12-block quilt?

Mystery Quilt

This quilt is titled “Mystery Quilt” and is a 53″ x 68″ creation of Sister Betty Suther and has been quilted by Lori Bond. The price is $250. This burgundy beauty features complimentary tones of tan and rose with patterns of flowers, leaves and paisley. It’s no mystery that this would be a lovely addition to any home.

Costa Maya

“Costa Maya” is an 80″ x80″ quilt, hand-crafted and designed by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Lori Bond. Cost is $375. Also, a hand-stitched tote bag created by Sister Betty Suther in matching fabric is available for just $20. (These can be purchased together or separately!)

Fiddle Dance


“Fiddle Dance,” designed and sewn by Betty Suther CSJ and quilted by Gilly Reiter, measures 58 inches by 58 inches. What could be better than tones of green and pink pieced from prints in a bow tie pattern? Borders of solid crème, and aqua and pink prints are edged with a printed pink binding. A single fabric backing in a turquoise print of flowers and butterflies is quilted in coordinating thread. Cost is $175.



Splash,” designed and sewn by Betty Suther CSJ. and quilted by Gilly Reiter, measures 44 inches by 52 inches. Square and rectangular prints galore make this multi-color quilt a splash of color. That jumble of color is bordered in two prints, one crème, the other two-tone aqua. Binding is multi-color pieces, and quilting is wavy spirals in coordinating thread. Backing is a single fabric with dot and diamond aqua print. Cost is $125.

Xs and Os


“Xs and Os” Sewn by Betty Suther CSJ. Quilted by Patty Johnson. 70 inches by 90 inches. A large, multi-colored 12-patch quilt. Earth tones assembled in a traditional log cabin pattern whisper heritage, but the vivid and lively prints add a modern whimsical touch. Blocks are bordered by a soft white print of pastel bubble-like shapes. Black binding edges the log-cabin border, all quilted in a contrasting thread in a modern fanciful floral motif. One fabric is used throughout for the bright white backing: Nothing says love like a print decorated with crimson and blue Xs, Os and hearts. $350.

Deconstructed, Disappearing Pinwheel


Looking for a one-of-a-kind quilt? “Deconstructed Disappearing Pinwheel” was designed and sewn by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Joyce Schultz. It measures 64 inches by 77 inches.Triangles and rectangles cut from green, brown, black, grey and crème prints cascade like a gentle snowfall across this large quilt. The two-fabric backing is a crème snowflake print joined with a print of multi-color circles. They are quilted in coordinating thread. Cost is $375.

Harvest Night



“Harvest Night” is a quilt designed and pieced by Sister Jean Ann Walton and quilted by Sew Country. It measures 41 inches by 60 inches. An unconventional log cabin design zigs and zags in a two-tone golden print, winding through prints of multi-tone blues. Log-cabin pieces in a twinkling star print weave through the design, all of it bordered in crimson and royal blue.Backing is one fabric. The top’s border and backing are a matching printed royal blue, quilted in contrasting thread. Price is $135

Magic Squares

“Magic Squares” is a quilt designed and pieced by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Tonya Kuhn. It measures 65 inches by 83 inches. Price is $250.

Block of the Month Quilt

“Block of the Month” is a quilt designed and pieced by Sister Betty Suther and quilted by Joyce Schultz. It measures 72 inches by 94 inches. Price is $375