• Conscious of God’s abundant gifts, Manna House of Prayer and its staff offer:

    • Hospitality that is warm and caring; values community and individual needs for solitude; and provides material and spiritual assistance for anyone who comes.
    • Service that is inclusive and respectful; unhurried and professional; unpretentious, attentive and challenging; and accepting and loving.
    • Peace that is marked by holiness and wholeness; quiet, privacy and solitude; relaxation and security; and a sense of the sacred in place, relationships, teachings.
    • Beauty that is homey and restful; simple, open and comfortable; and mindful of Manna’s rich heritage as an institution sponsored by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Concordia.

    Out of a sense of call, we desire to respond to the material and spiritual needs of contemporary society.  In light of our understanding of prayer and apostolic call, we hope to enable all who come to Manna, and those whom we serve outside of Manna, to seek and to find God in all the events of life.

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