We bring retreats to you!

For more information about any of these retreats, please contact us at retreatcenter@mannahouse.org or 785/243-4428.

The guided retreats at your location are designed specifically for the needs of your participants. Each day of the weeklong retreat generally includes:

  • One session of input
  • Morning and evening prayer
  • A creative or contemplative activity
  • Availability of the director for consultation
  • A reflection guide on the theme of each day

ELDER RETREATS:  Sister Janet is available to give any of these guided retreat topics in a three-day  format at assisted care facilities of retirement centers for religious communities. The shortened retreat may include pastoral visits, morning and/or  evening prayer and reflection guides.

Weaving with Threads of Love

This retreat, rooted in a spirituality of unioning love and  reconciliation,  is designed to give participants the  opportunity to integrate the spirituality and practice of making bobbin lace in a contemplative setting. Instruction in the craft as well as retreat input and times of prayer combine to create in us heart-space where connections with God and the dear neighbor may be woven in prayer, as surely as the design of threads evolves on the lace pillow before our eyes. No previous experience in lacemaking is required. (Co-presented with Sister Ramona Medina)

Making Lace, Making Peace:

The Healing Contemplative Practice of  Making Bobbin Lace

This is a retreat designed to give individuals an  experience of the practice of making  bobbin lace in a  contemplative setting.  Lacemaking, as contemplative  practice, opens us to communion with God and neighbor.  We are healed as we encounter beauty, on our lace pillows,  in our lives and in our spirits.    Daily, we will gather to reflect on lacemaking as contemplation that fosters peace and healing for ourselves  and our world. Most of the day will be given to the prayer and the art of lacemaking. Hands-on  instruction is part of  the retreat offering. No previous experience in lacemaking is required.

Nonviolence of Heart

This retreat invites participants to move in prayer to conversion, and in practice to witness. It is for all who lament  the violence against earth, among nations, in society, in  relationships and especially in their own hearts. Participants  will ponder God’s vision of peace and right relationship in Scripture, listen to the lived testimony of the prophets of  nonviolence, and explore postures and practices for growing  in nonviolence.

 Creation as Revelation

“We live to give God glory by loving the world and  everything that is in it.” (Sallie McFague, Life Abundant)

Drawing on the insights of mystics, scientists and  theologians, past and present, we will ponder God’s design  in creation, in order to respond to our human vocation within  it. The retreat integrates the Book of our Scriptures with the  Book of Creation, as St. Bonaventure called God’s creation.  Through lectio divina, we encounter God’s word spoken in  creation, ponder it, respond to it, rest in it, and allow  ourselves to be transformed by this grace that we may live  out of it.

Universe, Embodiment and Eucharist

 “Over every living thing which is to spring up, to  grow to flower, to ripen during this day, say again the  words: This is my Body.”   (Teilhard de Chardin, “Mass on the World”)

This retreat invites participants to ponder the  implications of the Universe Story for our faith.  It  presents to us the self-revelation of an immanent God:  God embodied and revealed in creation, the same God  who is enfleshed and revealed in Jesus the Christ,  who remains present in the Body of Christ, both sacrament  and human members, drawing the universe towards its  fulfillment. The Christian story and Universe Story will  be interwoven to invite us to encounter the God of Creation anew.

Our Sisters in Faith

“… the nearer we draw to God in love, the more we are united together by love …” St. Dorotheus of Gaza

During this retreat  we will gather twice a day to  reflect on the lives of holy women of our Scriptures, saints  of long ago, and not so long ago! In relationship with our sisters  in faith, we will be invited to deepen our vision of and our participation in the Communion of Saints. Saints walk with us as we journey into God, and as we strive to transform our world in grace. Each input begins in the format of Reader’s Theater, which is followed by a brief reflection.

Living in Abundance

Our loving God profusely pours the gifts of life,  love and beauty upon us. Awareness of God’s extravagant  generosity gifts us with new vision, renewed energy,  deepened passion for living life to the full. In this retreat,  we will explore how we might live in God and in community more abundantly. A contemplative life stance in our  relationships to self, others and creation, in God, beckons us toward living in abundance.

Let the Little Children Come to Me

Unless one becomes as a little child, that one shall not enter the Reign of God. (Matthew 18:3)

Participants in this retreat will be praying with a  right-brain approach. Conferences weave children’s literature and Scriptural themes. Integration and prayer will include creative writing, right-brain journaling and  contemplative practices.