The Legacy Retreat 2021

October 17 – 30, 2021

The Legacy Retreat — A Mini Sabbatical

Retreat Facilitator and Guide: Marcia Allen, CSJ

What am I leaving?  To whom am I leaving it?

These days are for those of us “of a certain age” who experience the questions of quality and capacity of life more frequently than ever before.  Sometime in our 70s we move into late mid-life and early old age. Then in our 80s we are definitely facing old or old, old age. Now is the time to begin to examine the meaning of our successes and failures, our joys and sorrows, what we’ve received and what we have lost, our experiences, the events, the encounters with creatures, especially the people who have made a difference for us – all that have shaped our life and the meaning of it.

During our days together we will attend to the work of aging and old age. We are the keepers of the wisdom that it will take for our world and our descendants, our earth and its inhabitants, our friends and families to continue to flourish in their own journeys. This is our responsibility and our privilege: to be the resplendent image of what it means to be truly human for the next generation. Our days will be a combinations of reflection time, shared wisdom, exploration of the wisdom we have accumulated and ways in which we can contribute to our world’s and planet’s flourishing. In short, this retreat is about what we want to pass on! Available via Zoom or in person at Manna House.


For one week: 7 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 17 – noon, Saturday, Oct., 23, 2021

For two weeks: 7. p.m., Sunday, Oct. 17 – noon, Oct, 30, 2021