Sept. 23 – Oct. 30: Deepening the Mystery of Religious Life

Cost: $2,500 (includes directed retreat)

Begins with supper on Monday, Sept. 23, and concludes on Wednesday, Oct. 30

This is a 30-day renewal experience, followed by a directed retreat, for women religious whose formation occurred before 1990, and who desire to enter more deeply into the reality of their vocation. These 30 days are about love, a lifetime of faithful love in response to the fire of Love that grasped one’s heart in her original consecration.

This month is an opportunity for you to explore your personal call to a deeper relationship with God within the context of your religious life: a life that anticipates God’s immediate presence, one that recognizes it as it invites and unfolds, one characterized by a freedom to respond to that Presence.

For a downloadable brochure about this retreat, CLICK HERE.

Presenters: Liebe Pellerin, CSJ; Sylvia Winterscheidt, CSJ; Janet Lander, CSJ; Betty Suther, CSJ; Susan LeDuc; Carolyn Teter, CSJ; Marcia Allen, CSJ

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