Our History

When the Sisters of St. Joseph arrived in Concordia in 1884, one of their first tasks was to build a Motherhouse, which would serve as their convent and as an “academy” for students of all faiths.

The original Motherhouse was next to the Catholic Church, at the corner of Fifth and Olive streets in what is now the Manna House of Prayer. But the congregation quickly outgrew the facility, and the current Motherhouse was built in 1902. When the sisters moved to the “new” Motherhouse in 1903, the original building would begin a series of transformations.

It first served as a hospital, and was expanded with an addition built in 1916. At least a couple of generations of Concordians were born in St. Joseph’s Hospital, which operated until 1951, when the Sisters of St. Joseph built the facility that would eventually become Cloud County Health Center.

For the next 25 years or so, the brick building at Fifth and Olive would become a nursing home — St. Anne’s — until the sisters replaced it, too, with a modern facility, now called Mount Joseph Senior Village.

Then, in 1978, it became the home of Manna House of Prayer, still home to Sisters who also serve as its staff. Living there they are able to provide a comfortable respite for those seeking a peaceful and spiritual retreat.

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