Our Projects

Concordia Community Garden of Hope

For a number of year, sisters at Manna House dreamed of creating a community garden for the people of Concordia. Finally, in March 2010, the first soil was tilled in the Concordia Community Garden of Hope, in a large corner of the Nazareth Motherhouse property at 13th and Broadway streets. With strong and steady attention to detail, the organic gardening committee of the Sisters of St. Joseph set out the plots, drew up guidelines for use and  recruited the gardeners. The garden’s official blessing came in April 2010 and the planting began!

That first season there were 27 plots, a large compost pile and wood chips for maintenance.

More plots have been added and the garden is now in its third growing season. Gardeners pay $13 per plot and can expect to spend 3 or 4 hours a week throughout the season.

For information on renting a plot or any other questions you may have about the Garden of Hope, contact Cecelia Thrash at Manna House, 785/243-4428.

Helping Hands

There is always a need to serve the dear neighbor. Through our Helping Hands ministry, we provide emergency financial assistance and temporary housing and maintain a small food bank, diapers and baby formula for those who find themselves in crisis. We work with other agencies and organizations throughout Concordia and the area to avoid duplication of services. We are often the last resort for families with no other resources available.

Each year Helping Hands provides $20,000 – $25,000 in assistance to more than 500 households. Those seeking assistance do not have to meet any criteria to receive our help.  We serve a diverse population: families, individuals, young teens, senior citizens. We help both those who live in town and those just passing through.

Helping Hands is completely dependent on private donations. We do not receive any state or federal money. If we do not have any money or our shelves are bare, we have to turn people away.

We, and the people we serve, deeply appreciate any offering you make to this ministry.

For information about our most critical needs or other questions you may have, CLICK HERE — or email us at retreatcenter@mannahouse.org or give us a call 785/243-4428.